Saturday, 7 February 2015


It's not just my blog which has been pretty intermittent. It's been awhile since I've really had a chance to do anything positive about my own professional development. Somehow or other the grind of the day job has put anything developmental onto the back burner.

This is ironic because as a one-time educational developer and they and a frequent advocate of developmental activities, Iseems to have been subjecting myself to what is effectively, personal neglect.

Enough of the ringing of hands and gnashing of teeth. The University has finally got its act together and resumed its development program for women using the fabulous resources produced by the springboard consultancy.

My immediate reaction on experiencing the first session, was great great anger directed at the university itself thinking… So great thank you very much only 10 to 15 years too late!

In gallipots my academic career because the project I was involved with if I was able to take advantage of many many different developmental opportunities. The daily grind of being a grant Academic is actually about doing teaching and getting the papers published. It is possible to argue that you learn onThe job and course for many years in my annual review I have done just that .

However when it comes to investment, the universities long ago realised that it needed to invest in its profs and senior managers is just as anybody else had to get on and do things as best they could.

So well done to the university for finally getting its act together, and note to self look after your own development whenever you feel the need

Friday, 25 April 2014

Thinking about student ratings

There are many ways in which student ratings cause controversy
Seldom do those who collect such ratings do not subject their planning, delivery or data analysis to the same rigorous critiques which might be applied to research survey data, yet too often the "findings" are appropriated to measure or manage teachers, or to shape and revise the curriculum.
This area needs a lot if thought, and is worthy of greater, more considered, discussion. As ever our reliable commentator at Tomorrow's Professor, is waiting in the wings to point to some insights.


Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Another test post

From a different mobile device 

Checking out mobile postings

The blog has been a bit too moribund of late, so I am checking out mobile posting 

This one was save to draft :-)

Test title

Test text

Monday, 24 June 2013

Project Students - its that time of year again

this is the time of year that I get to meet a whole new batch of project students. Its interesting, but also reminds me that these folk may be new to academic conventions.


I place a big emphasis on developing writing, because so often folk are let down by their written communication of good work.


Today I chanced on a very excellent web site which provides concrete examples of good referencing style


well worth a good look

Friday, 17 May 2013

Its been a while - visualisation stuff

Not sure why life has got the better of me, but hey ho!

occasional readers (for there can be none other given the paucity of posts) will understand I have an interest and passion for visualisations


Screen Shot 2013 05 17 at 16 37 23

The Importance of Visual Literacy

today, in an effort to express myself I found an update on the visual literacies website and also stumbled on this blog while trying to work out the right way to represent some tricky information


on top of that The good folk at have got some tutorials online. I shall certainly be pointing all my project and phd students and the one on Business visualisations. The general principles outlined there are, I think, just right for an undergraduate student project and for first year post grad work too.